Surveillance cameras at the U.S.-Mexico Border in Nogales, AZ.



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Editorial/Special Issues

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Conference Papers (published in proceedings)

2015      Bryce Clayton Newell and Ricardo Gomez, Informal Networks, Phones and Facebook: Information Seeking and Technology Use by Undocumented Migrants at the U.S.-Mexico Border, in Proceedings of iConference 2015 (Nominated for Most Interesting Preliminary Results Paper Award; 1 of 5 finalists) (PDF).*

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Reports / Policy Papers

2015      Ryan Calo, Tamara Denning, Batya Friedman, Tadayoshi Kohno, Lassana Magassa, Emily McReynolds, Bryce Clayton Newell, Franzi Roesner, and Jesse Woo, Augmented Reality: A Technology and Policy Primer (UW Tech Policy Lab white paper) (PDF).


“The Reasonableness of Remaining Unobserved: A Comparative Analysis of Visual Surveillance and Voyeurism in Criminal Law” (with Bert-Jaap Koops, Andrew Roberts, Ivan Škorvánek, and Maša Galič) (in preparation)

Edited Volumes in Preparation

Book     “Privacy in the Streets: Surveillance, Privacy, and the Changing Nature of Public Space” (Bryce Clayton Newell, Tjerk Timan, and Bert-Jaap Koops) (edited volume; proposal under review).

Sp. Iss.  “Visual Data as Accountability, Resistance, and Surveillance” (with Sarah Brayne and Karen E. C. Levy) (special symposium section under development; forthcoming in Law & Social Inquiry).

Popular Writing

2016      “Body-Worn Cameras Alone Won’t Bring Transparency to the Border Patrol,” Slate Magazine (, Future Tense section, February 3, 2016.