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The Tinaja Trail on exhibit in California and Arizona

My film shows during opening night at the Body Practices exhibit at the Calit2 Gallery.
My film shows during opening night at the Body Practices exhibit at the Calit2 Gallery.

A 20-minute excerpt from my recent documentary film is currently on exhibit at both the Calit2 Gallery at UC San Diego (CA) and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Check out these two cool exhibits, which both run until early January 2015.

SMoCA Exhibit: Covert Operations: Investigating the Known Unknowns, thru Jan 11, 2015.

Body Practices, thru Jan 9, 2015.  Watch the opening night discussion (which includes a portion of my film) here, or see a gallery of images from the exhibition here.


The Tinaja Trail screening at Arizona International Film Festival

I am pleased to announce that my documentary, The Tinaja Trail, will screen in Tucson at the Arizona International Film Festival this Sunday, April 13th at 3:00pm (@ The Screening Room, 127 East Congress).  The film documents the work of a number of Tucson area organizations (including the Samaritans, Humane Borders, and Kino Border initiative), and was filmed along the U.S.-Mexico border from Nogales, Arizona to San Diego, California. I am very excited that I will get to hold a panel discussion with members of the cast, who will also be present on Sunday after the screening, to talk about the issues raised in the film, especially those confronting the Tucson area.

The Tinaja Trail @ AZIFF
The Tinaja Trail @ AZIFF

My documentary at ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art


I’m thrilled to announce that a segment from my upcoming documentary film will be exhibited at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art in Karlsruhe, Germany, beginning this Friday, Dec. 13th.  The video, which contains excerpts from the film that are primarily focused on the Transborder Immigrant Tool (TBT), will play alongside the TBT as part of an exhibit entitled “global aCtIVISm” that runs until March 30, 2014.  The TBT is an artwork produced by the Electronic Disturbance Theater that imagines leading migrants to water in desolate regions of the borderlands while also reciting poetry.

More about the film is available here